Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics 2018
June 21 - 22, 2018, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
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Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics 2016

June 17 - 19, 2016
SEM, Tsinghua University

Venue: Room 418, Shunde Building, SEM


Keynote Speakers: Samuel S. Kortum and Randall Wright



Fiday, June 17   

8:20-8:40           Registration
8:40-8:45           Opening Remark


Morning session:

8:45-9:45       Ayse Imrohoroglu (University of Southern California), Kai Zhao (University of Connecticut):

                           "The Chinese Savings Rate: Productivity, Old-Age Support, and Demographics"


9:45-10:45    Ryan Monarch (Federal Reserve Board of Governors):

                           "It's Not You, It's Me’: Breakups in U.S.-China Trade Relationships"


10:45-11:00      Coffee Break


11:00-12:00     Keynote Speech by Samuel Kortum (Yale):

                           "Obstfeld and Rogoff’s International Macro Puzzles: A Quantitative Assessment"

                          by Jonathan Eaton (Penn State), Samuel Kortum (Yale), Brent Neiman (Chicago Booth)


12:00-1:30    Lunch    


Afternoon session:

1:30-2:30       Feng Dong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Pengfei Wang (HKUST),

                        Yi Wen (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis):

                          "A Searched-Based Framework of Capital Reallocation"


2:30-3:30        Margarida Duarte (University of Toronto), Diego Restuccia (University of Toronto):

                           "Relative Prices and Sectoral Productivity"


3:30-3:45      Coffee Break


3:45-4:45        Randall Wright (University of Wisconsin),Yu Zhu (Bank of Canada):

                           "Housing Price Rigidity"


6:00-8:00        Conference Dinner


Saturday, June 18   

Morning session:

8:45-9:45       Zachary Bethune (University of Virginia):

                           "Consumer Credit, Unemployment, and Aggregate Labor Market Dynamics"


9:45-10:45     Wei Cui (University College London):

                           "Monetary-fiscal Interactions with Endogenous Liquidity Frictions"


10:45-11:00     Coffee Break


11:00-12:00     Keynote Speech by Randall Wright (University of Wisconsin) :

                           "Costly Credit and Sticky Prices"

                          by Randall Wright (University of Wisconsin)


12:00-1:30    Lunch    


Afternoon session:

1:30-2:30       Tasso Adamopoulos (York University), Loren Brandt (University of Toronto),

                        Jessica Leight (Williams College), Diego Restuccia (University of Toronto):

                          "Misallocation, Selection and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis with Panel Data from China"


2:30-3:30      Berthold Herrendorf (Arizona State University), Akos Valentinyi (Cardiff Business School):

                          “Endogenous Sector-Biased Technological Change and Industrial Policy


3:30-4:00      Coffee Break


3:45-4:45        Gabriel Chodorow-Reich (Harvard), Johannes Wieland (UCSD):

                           "Secular Labor Reallocation and Business Cycles"


Sunday, June 19   

Morning session:

8:45-9:45       Diego Anzoategui (New York Univesity), Diego Comin (Dartmouth),

                        Mark Gertler (New York University):

                           "Endogenous Technology Adoption and R&D as Sources of Business Cycle Persistence"


9:45-10:45    Ryan Kim (Columbia):

                           "Price-Cost Markup Cyclicality: New Evidence and Implications"


10:45-11:00     Coffee Break


11:00-12:00     Valerie A. Ramey (UCSD):

                           "Macroeconomic Shocks and their Propagation"


12:00-1:30    Lunch    







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