Keynote Speakers:

Pol Antras (Harvard University and NBER)
Joshua Aizenman (University of Southern California and the NBER)
Menzie Chinn (University of Wisconsin Madison, and NBER)
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (University of California Berkeley and NBER)

Journal of International Money and Finance

special issue


A subset of the presented papers will be considered for a special issue of the Journal of International Money and Finance, with the same high standard as regular submissions to the journal, though an effort will be made to expedite the review process.

Possible Topics:

The conference and special issue of JIMF welcome papers that offer fresh theoretical insight and/or empirical evidence on capital flows and international financial system reforms including but not limited to capital market openness, optimal capital flows, capital flows and international currencies, monetary policy and capital flows, central and regional fiscal policies and capital flows, capital market openness and financial risk and crisis, capital flows and asset markets, capital flows and housing markets, capital flows and reforms in financial systems, capital flows and reforms in exchange rate systems, sequences in international financial system reforms, capital flows and real economy, capital flows and trade, current account imbalances, capital flows and structural adjustments, etc.

Working language of the conference: English

Submissions to the conference and to the JIMF

Researchers interested in presenting a paper at the conference should submit it by March 30, 2014, to: Submissions are free. Successful authors will be notified by April 26, 2014. The conference’s webpage is, and will be updated periodically as more information becomes available. For logistic question, please send an email to Qing Liu at or Yiying Wang at Procedures for submitting the papers to JIMF will be announced later. The review process for the JIMF special issue and the selection process for the conference program are mutually independent. There is no conference registration fee. Presenters will be responsible for their own travel costs. Conference meals of all paper presenters and discussants will be covered by the conference organizers. There will be some financial supports for local hotel. The conference hotel is Wenjin Hotel,, which is within walking distance from the conference venue on the campus of Tsinghua University.